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Barry Goldman, CEO of LEDA Real Estate

Christmas Message from the CEO

The 2013 Real Estate year has been tumultuous. We started off in a very flat market with low economic activity and political turmoil Market conditions were flat however as interest rates dropped later in the year and we experienced a change in government business and consumer confidence has picked dramatically.

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Opportunity or Pitfall? A-REITs and the Australian Housing Market

Real estate has long been viewed as a safe investment against the threats of depreciation and inflation. However as the U.S. housing crisis showed, not all real estate investments are the same. It is important to understand the specific nuances, risks, and rewards of each financial instrument.

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To Auction or Not to Auction? That is the Question!

It has been reported that in the Sydney metropolitan area in April  1,075 residential property sales took place via auction. Of these sales 87% sold within 28 days. During this month, there were 1,849 private treaty sales yet only 38%…

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